Our company consists of engineers with a focus on construction operations and construction process management in combination with competencies in the areas of digitalization and building information management. Accordingly, we bundle a network of experts for the optimization as well as automation of processes in connection with a superior focus on the efficiency and profitability of your projects. In addition, we have many years of practical experience in project management tasks, construction operations and construction contract management, acquisition and calculation, or in the construction of large-scale projects and industrial buildings. Our focus is on the following areas:

  • Digitalization of the construction industry
  • Building Information Management
  • Data management in the construction industry
  • Decision support through digital methods
  • Building Information Management in factory planning
  • Development of new business units and business models

Our passion is to make your processes faster and more efficient with the help of new digital possibilities and thus to raise them to a new level of productivity and value creation. To achieve this, we combine expertise from business and science with a focus on the entire life cycle of a construction project, from the initial idea to deconstruction or revitalization.


We provide support on your path of digital transformation. Both for your company and individual projects. Together with you we optimize your business processes and identify potential new business models to maximize your marketability in the age of digitalization.

Life-Cycle Eng