The comprehensive view of production processes and surrounding building structures enables the efficient planning of factory components, which are usually viewed separately, in the form of a complete BIM model.


The basic principle of the BIM method, which is to combine all relevant information in the form of data at the component level in a building information model in order to be able to use it downstream for different purposes, is ideally suited for creating a virtual twin of the factory building. The building information model of the factory building can be used as an assistance system to determine chances and restrictions, the production conditions to achieve the highest possible adaptation intelligence in terms of shortening planning times and to support decision-making from a constructional perspective.


In this context, we analyze both your new construction planning and your existing buildings and create a database for the virtual twin of your factory, which is specially adjusted to your target definitions. This includes both a software-independent definition of interfaces and technologies and their integration into your business models, resources and possibilities. Furthermore, process-dependent and independent data and information bases as well as data structures for a continuous information use are ensured.


The direct consideration of all BIM-relevant data and information in the context of new planning or the subsequent inclusion of this data and the associated enrichment of existing factory models during adaptation planning offer the opportunity to be able to run through all phases of the life cycle as efficiently and resource-friendly as possible.


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